JESSICA STRATTON: Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy, Healthy Kids


My first adjustment was given to me by my dad minutes after birth. I grew up having adjustments weekly and having an understanding of whole body health based on Chiropractic. Even with a life filled with Chiropractic, it wasn't until I became pregnant that I truly opened my eyes to the benefits of chiropractic for my myself and my new baby. Dr. Aaron Wiegand adjusted me throughout both my pregnancies. I don't know how I would have made it through the low back pain without him!

I knew I wanted my baby to be as healthy and subluxation free when born and chose a Midwife and Home-Birth to help in my decision. My son, Henry received his first adjustment at two months old and now at 2 years old runs to the table laying face up ready for Dr. Wiegand's adjustment. I remember my mom telling me when I learned to walk I fell 100 times in one day. I tell that story and the many stories of Henry when people ask me why a child could possibly need an adjustment. Children get subluxated all the time, Henry now a skilled runner still falls whether it's slipping while wearing socks or trying new things on a jungle gym, these little and sometimes big falls can cause a subluxation. I have seen Dr. Wiegand's adjustments help Henry's body heal from ailments including constipation, fevers, coughs, and minor colds.

I believe that the treatment my family has received from Dr. Wiegand has greatly impacted our health. Henry(2 yrs.), Eleanor(8 months), and I continue care at Walk-In Chiropractic because we never know when a little trip and fall will subluxate us.


BUSSE FAMILY: 12 Year Old’s Headaches Finally Relieved


"Our 12 -year old daughter was having headaches almost daily. We took her to her pediatrician hoping to find out why. We were given prescriptions for allergy pills and nasal sprays that did nothing to stop the headaches. We tried the ophthalmologist thinking it was possibly eyestrain, but the headaches persisted. She had been having headaches for almost a year at this point, and taking Tylenol often."

My husband was seeing Dr. Wiegand for chronic pain, and he suggested that we give chiropractic a try. I was a little intimidated by the idea of having a young child adjusted, but the possibility of having her feel better and be able to stop taking medication every day won. Dr. Wiegand started adjusting her and after just a handful of visits, she was completely headache free.

Thanks to Dr. Wiegand... We now have all 3 of our daughters, along with myself seeing Dr. Wiegand."

DANELLE GROAT: Relief from Low Back Pain After 10 Years of Pain


I have been bothered with lower back pain intermittently over the last ten years. I would go to chiropractors and have x-rays and exams done and after a few months of visits, I'd be on my way until the next painful episode would occur. My family and I recently relocated to the Phoenix area from Idaho and after the big move, my back was in dire need of some TLC.

I found Dr. Wiegand and feel that he has given me and my family the best chiropractic care available. For example, after he reviewed my x-rays he told me that one of my legs was longer than the other. Not one of my previous chiropractors had ever mentioned that to me before. Dr. Wiegand supplied me with a heel lift to wear in my shoe and it has made a noticeable difference in how I stand, walk and run.

Having young children can make it drudgery to go to appointments and be in public. Dr. Wiegand and his assistant Stephanie help make an appointment with kids in tow go smoothly. They are always easy to work with and accommodating of my family's needs. I highly recommend Dr. Wiegand to anybody considering chiropractic care.


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